• Greg Moulton

Time to Focus on You

Updated: Apr 19

Hey everyone, today I need to talk about what we need to do today in the real estate market to succeed. We need to focus, we need to pay attention to ourselves, we need to be lean and mean at this point in time. We’ve got to understand that you create your own economy. What I mean by that is, you’ve got to make sure that you’re continually improving incremental steps every single day. You also need to make sure you’re taking care of things that matter. You need to make sure you’re taking care of your finance, your health and your business plan. All of those things are important. Focus on what you can do, and not what you can’t do.

The second part of this and probably the most important is. With companies like Keller Williams coming out saying they are looking to potentially getting rid of profit share? That’s what this company was built on. They didn’t become the largest real estate company in the world by accident, they did it by profit share and they’re looking to get rid of that today. The reason is they’re hurting for cash, guys. So, we need to focus. Take a real look from the outside in at the vehicle that you’re currently sitting in.

Next thing, look at Redfin, guys. This is crazy, almost half of their agents gone, phew! Furlough! What are they going to do? Focus, guys. Are you attached to the titanic that just hit an iceberg or are you attached to a rocket ship on a launching pad that’s counting down

3, 2, 1. They’re about ready to explode!

If you’re not attached to a company that is having massive growth and taking advantage of what they can do today, you need to get into the right vehicle and there is outliers out there in this industry that doing just that thing.

If you’re having an issue figuring out who they are, get a hold of us because we can help you. Make sure that you’re in the right vehicle for success, you’re doing things everyday that you can control and create your own economy, guys. I wish you all the success, get out there and be great!


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