• Greg Moulton

Planting Season

Hey everyone, Today I want to talk about seasons in your business. When it comes to business, there are four seasons. I like to think of them just like planting a garden or tending to a crop. So, I'm going discuss all of the seasons really quick but then I want to focus on one.

Now, the first season is planting season right? So in the garden, this is when you’re tilling the soil, you're adding the fertilizer, you’re planting the seeds. You’re doing a ton of work and you’re not really seeing anything happening yet. But that leads you right into growth season. Now growth season, that’s when things start coming up. And the plants are growing and you start seeing fruits on the plant. What’s cool about growth season is, all that it really takes is a little sunlight and sprinkling of some water and you start seeing a whole bunch of things happening. Now, that’s followed by harvest season. Harvest Season is one of the best because that’s when you really see the fruits of your labor come to fruition. That's when you really get to gather everything that you’ve made from planting and doing a really great growth season and then you’re in harvest season And that’s followed by rest season and I kinda like to look at it as rest and invest when it comes to business. Now you’ve just harvested and for lots of businesses, that means you’ve just collected all the money right, the monetary value and now with rest and invest, you really need to look at what you’re gonna do with that money to make sure that you’re putting it in the best places to be able to keep it.

So, what I want to focus on though, today is planting season because I believe that in our industry, in this crazy market today with all the crazy things going on, I really believe that this is the best and largest planting seasons for our industry...probably ever. Now, understand that this might not relate to everybody. If you’re the owner of Zoom for example, you’re definitely in harvest season but I think for most people in the real estate industry, today it’s planting season. It is HUGE and what I want to focus on is- Think of it like you’re planting your seeds right now. So, you need to be talking to people guys. I know that you can’t physically be out and about like you used to but man, you need to be on phones, you need to be present, you need to be involved with whatever you can- zoom calls and everything else to really make sure you’re planting the seeds because I truly believe that when it comes to planting season, the bigger and the larger the planting season, guess what? There’s going to be a ton of growth coming up and growth is where you really start to see the value of what you’ve done during planting season.

So guys, if you’re on the couch, if you’re watching Netflix, if you’re doing all the things that I understand that is super easy to do right now because what do we have to do? Make sure that you’re focusing on a planting season and you’re really doing all of the things that you can today to make sure that you succeed in the future Thanks a lot guys, we’ll talk to you soon!


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